Name Calling

Against Naming Contests

Almost always a bad idea, at least in the B2B world: Holding a naming contest with staff for a new

Five Naming Pitfalls to Avoid

Successful naming involves much more than creativity and rigor. Psychology also plays an essential role. With that in mind, we’ve

Naming Made Easy

So easy, in fact, anyone can do it. (Except that a growing number of the names you generate will already

Punning in Pompeii

On a late-night research jag about Pompeii a few days ago, I stumbled upon a bit of marketing lore in

What’s in a Naming?

Naming is difficult. Explaining the naming process? Even more so. People tend to think that naming is easy. After all,

Falling in Love with “iPad”

A few days ago, a former senior Apple engineer told me the name “iPad” was widely disliked at first within

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