A leading provider of lending solutions wants a name for its new SaaS lending platform—a name that can ultimately grow into that of a free-standing company.

Where they were

CU Direct’s product names loosely fell into two major groups. Names in the first group were simple, descriptive and generic-feeling. Names in the second group, all coined, were more refined and open-ended (Vero, Intuvo, Fidelis). We concluded the new company-name-to-be fit best within the latter group.

What they needed

With its conservative clientele in mind, CU Direct wanted a name that would be short, simple and easy to pronounce in English—yet also distinctive within a crowded market space. And, ideally, available as a .com

Where they landed

A coined word, Origence references the broad idea of being a go-to resource while alluding to the industry-specific idea of loan origination, too.