A new name for a real estate management company focused on the Latin American hospitality market.

Where they were

Denver’s Black Creek Group, a real estate investment business that is now a part of Ares Management Corp., acquired based CPG Hospitality Mexico, a real investment management company specializing in revitalizing properties in Latin America and the Caribbean.

What they needed

The parent company wanted a new name for its newly acquired business that would be distinct from its former CPG parent. We worked closely with Miami-based Darien Group, Black Creek’s agency of record, to develop a name that would align with the company’s regional focus and accent its targeted service offerings.

Where they landed

Naturally, we focused on Spanish-language candidates with side trips into the indigenous languages of Nahuatl and Ch’ol. In the end, the team opted for a lively portmanteau derived from alojamiento (“lodging” in English) and lógica (“logic” in English), a neat summation of the company’s discipline and focus.