An educational technology company uses a new name to signal a new beginning as the company joins one of the world’s largest media conglomerates.

Where they were

As HotChalk, the company earned a reputation for providing services to educational clients that had become increasingly commoditized over time. On joining Bertelsmann Group, the company wanted to dispense with the baggage of its existing name to convey that it was a new kind of innovation partner for Higher Ed.

What they needed

Discovery revealed that while the name should avoid overused terms such as “Learn” it should also not feel trendy or overly startup-like. It needed to be open-ended enough to apply to a comprehensive offering, and should avoid any terms associated with obsolete ideas or paradigms. The company also wanted a name they could own as a .com.

Where they landed

Versidi is a coined word that draws inspiration from both university and versatility to suggest something new in the realm of Higher Education.